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MOORE, Derek M.
Impact of human trafficking on teenagers [Recurso eletrónico] : the present-day situation / Derek M. Moore
International Journal of Criminal Justice Science, Vol. 18, n. 2 (July-December 2023), p. 354-369
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As teenagers are frequently underage, they are especially susceptible to human trafficking. This research aims to examine the various effects of trafficking on teenagers. It focuses on the economic and educational effects, mental and physical health implications, and social and relational consequences. The search approach involved utilizing numerous databases such as PubMed, PsycINFO, Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar to gather relevant articles. Initially, 90 articles were found, but only 14 remained for analysis after excluding irrelevant articles. The identified sources revealed that teenage trafficking could adversely affect teenagers' economic, educational, mental, physical, and social lives. The findings of this study underscore the need for more research on the effect of trafficking on teenagers, including their support systems. A special emphasis should be placed on the importance of specialized training and integrated approaches in criminal law and social services to prevent teenage trafficking. There was insufficient empirical research, lack of quantitative data, reliance on general human trafficking materials, and reduced generalizability of findings as limitations in this study. To conclude, the impact of human trafficking on teenagers can be severe and prolonged, manifesting in various forms such as altered physical wellbeing, abnormal mental health, hampered social skills, and hindered educational growth. Targeted interventions and support systems can help survivors overcome these challenges and work towards a brighter, more stable future.