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Online dispute resolution : new challenges / Dário Moura Vicente, Elsa Dias Oliveira, João Gomes de Almeida.- 1ª Edição.- Baden-Baden : Nomos, 2022.- 241p. ; 23 cm
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ISBN 978-3-8487-8619-0 (Broch.) :


Part I: Due Process Guarantees and online Dispute Resolution. A judge’s perspective: Guarantees of a fair trial and online dispute resolution - António Santos Abrantes Geraldes. An arbitrator’s perspective: Between equal treatment and the good administration of transnational justice in online arbitration - Diego P. Fernández Arroyo and Bruno Sousa Rodrigues. A lawyer’s perspective: Guarantees of a fair trial and online dispute resolution - Nuno Ferreira Lousa. An arbitration center’s perspective: Due process in online dispute resolution - Juan Serrada Hierro. Part II: Online Trial Hearings – In Particular, Evidence. A judge’s perspective: Online hearings, especially the gathering and assessment of evidence - Luís Filipe Pires de Sousa. An arbitrator’s perspective: Online hearings in arbitration: the taking of evidence - Pilar Perales Viscasillas. A lawyer’s perspective: Virtual hearings - Catarina Monteiro Pires and Madalena Diniz de Ayala. An arbitration center’s perspective: Online dispute resolution and the virtual hearings: Six characters in search of an author - Paula Costa e Silva. Part III: Confidentiality, privacy and Security. A judge’s perspective: Privacy and confidentiality in voluntary commercial arbitration - Rui Torres Vouga. An arbitrator’s perspective: Confidentiality – privacy – security in the eye of the arbitrators or the story of the arbitrator who became a bee - Marc Henry. A lawyer’s perspective: Confidentiality, privacy and security in arbitration in arbitration in times of covid - Sofia Ribeiro Mendes. A arbitration center’s perspective: Confidentiality, privacy and security - Joana Jerónimo Soares Correia.