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Older adults sex offender [Recurso eletrónico] : five case series in a Brazilian population / Marcela Sena Braga ..[et al.]
Journal of Forensic Sciences, Vol. 68, n. 2 (March 2023), p. 696-703
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Sexual assault perpetrated by older adults is still an underreported crime and is not fully understood. To describe a series of cases of sexual assault by Brazilian older adults and discuss the associated factors based on the literature. This is a cross-sectional descriptive analysis of five cases of older adults accused of sexual assault in the Forensic Psychiatry sector of the Medical Legal Institute (Coroner's Office) in the City of Belo Horizonte’. This review focuses on five cases involving male defendants with a mean age of 59.75 years; two with previous psychiatric treatment, and one with a previous criminal record. Their victims were prepubescent children, four of them female. Psychiatric conditions related to forensic diagnosis included dementia, schizophrenia, alcohol-related substance use disorder, paraphilia, and one without a psychiatric diagnosis. The final forensic report on all five cases found that two of the older adults diagnosed with a mental disorder in two were considered to have a mental illness that completely impaired the cognitive and volitional domains; two other adults were diagnosed with mental health disturbance that partially impaired these domains; and the last adult was diagnosed and found without mental health impairment. While the incidence of sexual crimes committed by older adults is low, the absolute number of cases has expected to rise due to population aging. Assessing the factors related to this type of crime is therefore an initial step to understanding and formulating preventive strategies.