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A European partnership of courts : Judicial dialogue between the EU Court of Justice and national constitutional courts / Paolo Mengozzi.
In: Estudos de homenagem ao Conselheiro Presidente Rui Moura Ramos - I. p.827-845; 23 cm.

1. Introduction - I. From indirect to direct dialogue between the EU Court of Justice and Constitutional Courts of Member States. 2. Indirect Dialogue. 3. Direct dialogue. 4. The reasons explaining why direct dialogue did not came into life until recently. 5. The jurisdiction of the Court of Justice and the admissibility of the questions referred to it as conditions for direct dialogue. II. The contribution of a direct structural dialogue with the Court of Justice on ultra vires and constitutional identity reviews. 6. The mechanisms referred to and used by Constitutional Courts to review the constitutionality of EU acts. 7. Ultra vires. 8. Constitutional identity.