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The Palgrave handbook of global counterterrorism policy [Documento electrónico] / ed. Scott Nicholas Romaniuk ..[et al.].- London : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.- 1 CD-ROM ; 12 cm
Ficheiro de 16,2 MB em formato PDF (1084 p.).
ISBN 978-1-137-55769-8


Introduction. Section I - States and Contemporary Conflict. 1. Conceptualizing State Counterterrorism / Olivier Lewis. 2. Terrorism and Counterterrorism: The Criticality of Context / William R. Matchett. 3. The Challenges of Defining Terrorism for Counter-Terrorism Policy / Alice Martini and Emeka T. Njoku. 4. Evaluating the ‘Success’ and ‘Failure’ of Counterterrorism. Policy and Practice / Robert Nalbandov. 5. Counterterrorism and Society: The Contradiction of the Surveillance State – Understanding the Relationship Among Communities, State Authorities, and Society / Joshua Skoczylis. 6. Facing States of Fear: The Emerging Issues of Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Transitional Justice / Elena Sciandra. Section II - North America. 7. A‘Paradigm of Prevention: United States Counterterrorism Strategies in a Transnational World / Matthew D. Jacobs. 8. Canada’s National Counterterrorism Strategy and Challenges of Community Based Intervention in Countering Radicalization / James Fergusson and Kawser Ahmed. 9. Domestic and Transnational Dimensions of Counterterrorism Policy in Mexico / Barry Mowell. Section III - South America. 10. ‘Glocalizing’ Counterterrorism Law and Policy in the Caribbean: Between State Vulnerability and Independence / Kevin Barker. 11. Counterterrorism in Brazil: From Dictatorship to Democratic Times / José Pedro Zúquete. 12 The Colombian Case: Rebranding Counterinsurgency as Counterterrorism / Dr. Jorge E. Delgado. Section IV - Europe.13. The European Union against Terrorism: Challenges and Future Opportunities / Filip Tuèek and Richard Warnes. 14. The Practice of Counterterrorism in the United Kingdom and its Sociopolitical Effects / Valentina Bartolucci and Joshua Skoczylis. 15. Traveling along Sword’s Edge: Germany’s Ambivalence between Protecting Civil Rights of Muslim Communities and Fighting Terror / Cenap Çakmak.16. Walking a Thin Line: The Netherland’s Counterterrorism Challenge / Mary Manjikian. 17. Counterterrorism Policies and Institutions in Northern Europe and the Baltic States / Barry Mowell. 18. Between Trust and Oppression: Contemporary Counter-Terror Policies in Denmark / Richard McNeil-Willson. 19. The Perils and Prospects of the French Approach to Counterterrorism / Valentina Bartolucci. 20. Independence Through Terrorism? The Linkages Between Secessionism and Terrorism in the Basque Country / Glen Duerr. 21. The Italian Way of Counterterrorism: From a Consolidated Experience to an Integrated Approach / Francesco Marone. 22. Counterterrorism Policy and Legislation in Greece / Kalliopi Chainoglou. Section V - Eurasia. 23 Russia’s Counterterrorism Policy: Variations of an Imperial Theme / Mariya Y. Omelicheva. 24 Belarus: Preventing Terrorism in Preemptive Authoritarianism / Aliaksandr Novikau. 25. Central Asia and Counterterrorism: The Contrasting Cases of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan / Payam Foroughi and Nurbek Bekmurzaev. Section VI - South Asia, East Asia, and South East Asia. 26. India’s Counterterrorism Policy: Tackling Terrorism Within State Boundaries / Arundhati Bhattacharyya. 27. Security Governance in the Post-Colony: The Political and Social Consequences of Pakistan’s Counterterrorism Strategy / Omer Aijazi. 28. Countering Terrorism in Bangladesh / Amparo Pamela H. Fabe. 29. Countering Terrorism in Sri Lanka / Amparo Pamela H. Fabe. 30. Dancing on a Live Volcano: The Perils of Japan’s Counterterrorism Policy / Francis Grice and Scott N. Romaniuk. 31. In the Name of Integrity and Security: China’s Counterterrorist Policies / Tony Tai-Ting Liu and Kai-ming Chang. 32 Lone-Wolf Terrorism and Taiwan’s Counterterrorist Policies / Ming-Te Hung and Wei-En Tan. 33. Refining the Role of Audience in Securitization: Southeast Asia’s Fight Against Terrorism / Senia Febrica. 34. On the Horns of a Dilemma: State, Security, and Militancy in Indonesia / Paul J. Carnegie. 35. The Changing Threat Landscape: Countering Terrorism in Singapore / Rohan Gunaratna. 36. Malaysia’s Counterterrorism Policy / Amparo Pamela H. Fabe. 37. Strengthening the Hull: The Philippines’ Strategic and Operational Counterterrorism Campaigns / Kristina Sherman. Section VII - The Middle East. 38. The Gulf Cooperation Council, Saudi Arabia and a Turbulent Region: Evolving Counterterrorism Strategies / Dario Cristiani. 39. Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene: The Turkish Dilemma and the Rise of Terrorism / Kawser Ahmed. 40. Diving For Pearls: Shia Insurgency and Counterterrorism Measures in Bahrain / Martin Scott Catino. 41. Shifting Priorities: Reconstituting Security Agendas and Security Sector Reforms in Yemen / Joana Cook. 42. Turning Strengths into Vulnerabilities: The Logic Behind Israeli Coercion of Nonstate Adversaries / Oren Magen. 43. A Primer on the Impact of Islamic State on Counterterrorism Legislation / Richard McNeil-Willson. Section VIII - Africa. 44. The Challenges and Prospects of Security Sector Manoeuvrability over Terrorism in Somalia / James Okolie-Osemene and Rosemary I. Okolie-Osemene. 45 Assessing Terrorist Threats and Counterterrorism Reponses in Post-Gaddafi Libya / Timothy Poirson. 46 A Problem for Tomorrow? Tunisia, Morocco, and Foreign Fighters / Dario Cristiani. 47. Counterinsurgency Strategies and the Approach to Peace in Somalia: An Appraisal of the African Union / Enemaku Idachaba. 48. “Laws for Sale:” The Domestication of Counterterrorism Policies and Its Impact in Nigeria / Emeka T. Njoku. 49. When Diplomacy Identifies Terrorism: Subjects, Identity and Agency in the ‘War on Terror’ in Mali / Pablo de Orellana. 50. Corruption, Human Rights Violation and Counterterrorism Policies in Kenya / Oscar Gakuo Mwangi. 51. Ambivalence in Counterterrorism Efforts: The Case of South Africa / Michael D. Royster. List of figures. List of tables.