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BANLAOI, Rommel C.
Al-Harakatul Al-Islamiyyah [Documento electrónico] : essays on the Abu Sayyaf group : terrorism in the Philippines from Al-Qaeda to ISIS / Rommel C. Banlaoi.- 4th ed.- Manila : Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research (PIPVTR), 2019.- 1 CD-ROM ; 12 cm
Ficheiro de 3,66 MB em formato PDF (221 p.)
ISBN 978-971-91386-0-4


Preface to the fourth edition. 1. Roots and evolution. 2. Leadership dynamics. 3. Bandit or terrorist? 4. Threat of maritime piracy and terrorism. 5. Youth as victims and perpetrators of terrorism. 6. Media and terrorism. 7. Sources of resilience under the Arroyo administration. 8. The pull of terrorism. 9. Terror threats a decade After 9/11. 10. Terrorist threats under the Aquino III administration. 11. The ISIS threats to Philippine security. 12. The ISIS threats and followers in the Philippines. 13. Islamic state East Asia: the ISIS followers in Mindanao. 14. Crime-Terrorism nexus under the Duterte administration. 15. Martial law and the ISIS terror threats in Mindanao. 16. Rise of family terrorism. 17. Threats of narcoterrorism: the Marawi siege. 18. Terror threats after Marawi Liberation. 19. Suicide terrorism: the current face of terror. Annexes. About PIPVTR .