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KOSTA, Vasiliki, e outros
The EU accession to the ECHR / Vasiliki Kosta, Nikos Skoutaris, Vassilis P Tzevelekos.- Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2016.- 361 p. ; 25 cm. - (Modern studies in European Law)
ISBN 978-1-50990-926-1 (Broch.) : compra


1. Introduction. Part I: Institutional issues. PART I: INSTITUCIONAL ARRANGEMENTS, PRIOR INVOLVEMENT AND THE AUTONOMY OF THE EU. 2. The EU accession to the ECHR: the negotiation process / Andrew Drzemczewski. 3. Too Many Voices? The Prior Involvement of the CJEU / Aida Torres Pérez. 4. The Right to Extra-Judicial Redress in EU Law after the EU's Accession to the ECHRs: Legal Framework, Challenges and the Question of the Prior Involvement of the CJEU / Nikos Vogiatzis. 5. Election of EU Judge onto the Strasbourg Court / Andrew Drzemczewski. PART II: ALLOCATION OF RESPONSIBILITY AND THE CO-RESPONDENT MECHANISM. 6. A European Law of International Responsibility? The Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations and the EU / Jean D'Aspremont. 7. The EU Accession to the ECHR and the law of international responsibility / Arman Sarvarian. 8. United We Stand. The EU and its Member States in the Strasbourg Court / Andrés Delgado Casteleiro. PARTIII: ACCOMMODATING MULTIPLE ACTORS: MULTI-LEVEL PROTECTION AND THE ROLE OF THE NATIONAL LEGAL ORDERS. 9. Kissing awake a sleeping beauty? The Charter of Fundamental Rights in EU and Member States’ Policy practice / John Morijn. 10. Two worlds (still) apart? ECHR and EU law before national judges / Giuseppe Martinico. 11. National courts in the new European fundamental rights architecture / Monica Claes, Sejla Imamovic. PART IV: PLURALISM WITHIN THE NEW ORDER. 12. Bosphorus post-accession: redefining the relationships between the European court of human rights and the parties to the Convention / Olivier De Schutter. 13. The (geo-)politics of the EU accession to the ECHR: democracy and Distrust in the Wider Europe / Robert Harmsen. 14. Taming the fragmentation monster through Human Rights? International constitutionalism, "pluralism lite" and the common territory of the two European legal orders / Lucas Lixinski. PART V: INTEGRATION IN HUMAN RIGHTS: TOWARDS A COMMON ESPACE JURIDIQUE AND ITS EXPANSION IN AREAS OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY. 15. Luxembourg or Strasbourg: improving the distributional impacts of trade conflicts / Bernard M. Hoekman, Petros C. Mavroidis. 16. The EU's accession to the ECHR and due process rights in EU competition law matters: nothing new under the sun? / Albert Sanchez Graells. 17. The EU accession to the ECHR: an attempt to explore possible implications in the area of public procurement / Aris Georgopoulos. 18. The EU accession to the ECHR as an opportunity for conceptual clarity in European equality law: the new European paradigm of full equality / Panos Kapotas. 19. European consensus and the EU accession to the ECHR / Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou, Pavel Repyeuski. PART VI: INSTEAD OF A CONCLUSION. 20. the accession of the EU to the ECHR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights: enlarging the field of protection of human rights in Europe / Christos L. Rozakis. 21. Some personal comments on the accession of the EU to the ECHR / Christiaan Timmermans. 22. The ‘Co-respondent mechanisms’ according to the draft agreement for the accession of the EU to the ECHR / Giorgio Gaja. 23. Beyond the accession agreement: five items for the European Union’s Human rights agenda / Bruno De Witte